Shared Services to Promote Quality

Business Investment in Shared Services Helps Promote Quality, Affordable Child Care Programs

There are many ways for the business community to assist child care programs in operating in a cost efficient and cost effective manner.  Child care programs offer a safe, early learning setting for children. However, each program is also a small business.  These small businesses have a mammoth task: in order to make the economics work so that they can offer a quality setting for children, they need to maintain full enrollment, be paid regularly and on time for services, hire and retain competent staff, purchase goods and services, and meet ongoing operating costs such as those costs related to property management, operations, and for many – food services.

For the business community, there is an opportunity to join a shared services venture, designed to connect child care programs topreschool kids painting discount services that they regular incur in order to operate their programs. For large child care chains, there is an opportunity to reduce costs given economies of scale. But, many independent child care programs do not have access to an economy of scale model.

Shared services is a way to offer the vast majority of child care programs (independent small businesses), discounts on products and services to help them better meet their ongoing operating costs. Quality Care for Children has a web platform through which child care providers can link to many different types of shared services from products and services available at a discount to training and resources to improve the quality of care.

Quality Care for Children’s web platform is below. This is the platform that acts as a gateway for child care programs to access discount products and services.   For more information about offering a link to discounts for your services and products, contact Pam Tatum, President & CEO, at Quality Care for Children at (404) 479-4200.  A one page printable summary is located here.

GA Shared Services Screenshot

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